The Simple Matcha Green Tea!

The Simple Matcha Green Tea!

The Best Starting Place

Where to start? Well if you are new to matcha this can be considered your introduction! A simple to make Matcha green tea quick and easy the best way to make it!


- Matcha (1g) [Buy some here!]

- Water

- Milk of your choice 

Now it may seem simple but there is an art form to making the perfect matcha green tea!

First off scoop 1g of matcha, approximately half a tea spoon in to a mug (or matcha bowl!) of choice and add a splash of cold water.

Using a milk frother or bamboo whisk, whisk in to a paste at the bottom of the mug or bowl and start boiling some water.

Once the water has boiled top up the mug to the top, continue whisking if possible (will need an electric whisk for this bit but it isn't always necessary).

Add milk to your taste, if it is tasting a bit too bitter top up with more milk, froth with the whisk to get a nice frothy layer on top!

 Top Tip: When whisking move the whisk in a "W" shape!

Sit back and relax and enjoy your tea! This is the most basic drink you can make with matcha but it is a classic for a reason, super quick super easy!

How to make a matcha green tea at home

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