Our Mission

At Matchaeco we make decisions that focus on the future. We want to look after our planet and celebrate the natural world. This simple vision forms the basis for our company to grow and spread the positive message, we can all do our little bit and we believe a well rounded lifestyle combined with an eco conscious is the best way to live a happy long life.
We pledge 10% of our profits paid to different sustainability charities, no matter what! Charities we have worked with so far include:
- Weforest (5%)
- Oceana (5%)
A word from the founder
I had my first taste of matcha in 2020, a hobby I somewhat got hooked on! I felt more energised and more productive than when I had my morning coffee and have never looked back. Finding different ways to experiment with matcha, with different drinks and different bakes, although I always felt it was difficult to find a good matcha at a good fair price. Well in 2023 my company Motoreco had the opportunity as we built a relationship with farms in Japan and had the opportunity to import and sell some of our very own matcha! 
We aim to bring this great tea at an affordable price to the masses while encouraging a healthy and responsible lifestyle. I think all companies need to be responsible environmentally, all of our packaging is fully recyclable something we intend on continuing as we look to offer new ranges of products, varying from different styles of matcha to all kinds of matcha accessories! 
Matchaeco is a brand of Motoreco LTD