Looking for the best matcha straight from Japan? Look no further!

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Matcha Green Tea Powder & Matcha Accessories

Our matcha green tea powder is grown in the Kagoshima region of Japan pesticide free. A ceremonial grade fantastic example of what matcha is and should be. An affordable matcha from Japan for every day.

The perfect healthy drink, why not get creative and become your own barista and have a matcha latte! Also great for baking with, we recommend trying matcha cookies!

Did we mention that matcha is rich in antioxidants with research showing it has 137 times that of traditional green tea! Natural Amino acids and Polyphenals help lower your physcological stress levels and physical stress!

All Natural Ingredients

Did we mention that our natural matcha powder is 100% vegan! All flavours are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Indulge in the best quality matcha green tea powder for a zen moment every day. Make your tea time extraordinary!

Looking for the best matcha powder for lattes? Well we have you covered, our matcha tastes great on its own or as a latte, why not try one of our flavoured matcha recipes!